RIANA - Relative Isotope Abundance Analyzer

RIANA enables protein turnover data analysis from mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments. Supports multiple labeling strategies, including labeled amino acid and heavy water.

Edward Lau


October 31, 2022

This page provides the documentation for the RIANA package, which is a tool for the analysis of stable isotope labeling experiments for protein turnover measurements.


RIANA (Relative Isotope Abundance Analyzer) is a software to automate the analysis of mass spectrometry- based protein turnover measurement experiments.

RIANA is written to be flexible to accommodate different protein stable isotope labels, including heavy water (D2O) and SILAC (e.g., 13C6-lysine or other amino acids) experiments.

RIANA supports a Snakemake pipeline that uses other existing tools in the community, requiring only mass spectrometry data files (.mzML) as input to perform database search, post-processing, peak integration, and output of best-fit kinetic rate constants.



Latest Updates


  • Added parameter for mass defect -D to command line argument for riana integrate. See documentation for detail
  • Added the flag -p to the command line argument for riana fit, which toggles plotting fitted curves
  • Added the fag -w to the command line argument for riana integrate, for writing out pre-integration intensities

See Change Log for details.

The latest version and source code of RIANA can be found on github: https://github.com/ed-lau/riana.

See the Quick Start and Documentation for instructions.



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